About the festival


2220 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP – the production company from Los Angeles, the USA, and the promotion and production STUDIO RAR, Kyiv, Ukraine invited to take part in an international vocal competition 2220 INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL, the final of which will be held in Kiev on May 20, 2019 in the large hall of the Kyiv Academic Young Theater (17, Proreznaya St., Golden Gate metro station).

Company 2220 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP works under umbrella of Universal Music Group, cooperates with megastars of USA, has huge resources in creation and promotion of entertaining product. STUDIO RAR has been working in the cultural and entertainment sphere of Ukraine for 20 years and has a great experience in promotion and brand building.

The goal of the competition is to bring young talents to the international market, to the Olympus of the world entertainment segment – the USA.



Jury of the festival

Bryan Todd

Bryan Todd

Founder, multi-platinum record producer, songwriter

Adis Emenic

Adis Emenic

Founder and Managing Partner, songwriter in 2220 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP

Tatiana Kolesnichenko

Tatiana Kolesnichenko

Founder, CEO production and promotion STUDIO RAR

Alexander Udra

Alexander Udra

Founder, Art Director and producer STUDIO RAR

How it all happens

What will each participant get?

• Diploma of the participant
• Professional, high-quality photo and video of his/her performance
• Broadcasting over the Internet to the world
• Souvenirs
• Most important! Head of jury Bryan Todd, American Grammy nominated, multi-platinum record producer and songwriter will tell his opinion to each participant about his or her performance. The festival will receive wide press coverage and huge PR!

Terms and Conditions of the Competition:

The preference can only be live. The competition is held in categories: 7-11 years, 12-14 years, 15-22 years (exceptions are possible, each case is discussed separately).
Any boy or girl can participate in the competition. It is necessary to perform a song in English of any genre. It can be a cover version of a song in English, an English version of a Ukrainian song, or a song by any other artist. The song can be either specially written for the competition or already performed by someone. Choreography, backing vocals, and any other additions to the show are welcome, but not mandatory.
To participate in the contest it is necessary to submit your application on our website or send information to email: kolesnich@ukr.net with the subject: 2220 INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL. It is very important that you include the following:

• Photos (portrait, full height)
• Professional audio recording
• Video
• Biography

Conditions of Participation: 150 €

The organizers will be able to assist you with accommodations while in Kyiv. However, all expenses pertaining to stay, meal, transportation, and similar will be the responsibility of the participant or guardian.

Casting is divided into two stages:

Free Online Casting

You are welcome to submit your application and data to enter the online casting.
Your submitted material will be reviewed by Ukrainian industry professionals. Based on the feedback, you will be notified by email if you have passed to the next round.
Once you pass the Ukrainian casting, your material will be forwarded to the American producers. You will also be notified by email if you have been accepted by the American casting. Once accepted, you are automatically a participant of the festival.

Participation in a live concert before the judges


Prize for

2nd place

  • Lyrics in English for an original song
    from 2220 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. The original song can be in any other language.

Prize for

3rd place

  • Free recording of one song at the studio in Los Angeles

The organizers:


Kyiv Academic Youth Theater is the partner of the 2220 INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL.  The festival will be held in the large hall of the theater, in the heart of the capital, at 17 Proreznaya St. which is located between Khreshchatyk and Vladimirskaya St., near Sofia Kyivskaya, (near the Golden Gate Metro Station). It is not an accident that the festival will take place within the walls of one of the most significant and respected theaters in Ukraine. 2220 INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL will gather  unique talents to present them to the international community. The mission of the festival is to develop culture and art; and the cooperation with the Youth Theater clearly emphasizes it.

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